decemberists2This song is one that can touch your heart. Colin Meloy’s (lead singer and band’s songwriter) melancholy voice and poetic words will send you to another world, far away from here, but yet so close. It is a song about love ignored or maybe love forgotten, who knows? That is what is great about “The Crane Wife 3”, its completely open to interpretation and can mean something different to every person. It starts out somewhat slow and around a minute in, a steady drum beat appears and continues throughout the song that keeps with the forlorn feel that the song started out with. The Decemberists are sometimes considered quite folk-rock, so if you’re anti-folk, don’t be scared off  by this song ; though it does have a slight folky element it will also appeal to chill-rock listener.  Overall, this may not be the song you listen to while driving 70 mph on the highway, but it will be a song that you can listen to while you remember times past or are just sitting on the couch letting your imagination take rein of your thoughts.

Peace Out,