Hey! We are PickFour. There are 4 bloggers on PickFour, each with our own different tastes. The PickFour bloggers are: Olivia Vangieri, Micki Martinazzi, Paul Zombory and Karla Tinoco.

All four of us normally can’t mentally handle listening to the radio, would much rather shop at thrift stores than Hollister (or any other place like that)
and don’t find it boring to spend the day finding cool, new, quirky bands .

We have started this blog because we love talking about music and want to give you guys a site to find bands, along with a review of their music.  Each week each of us will post a review and recommendation of one of our favorite songs so check back with us often. I hope you soon start listening to some of the bands we post and review here on PickFour. Please, don’t be shy to give us feedback on our posts.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Lady Carmen Says:

    Yay for thrift stores and quirky bands!!! 🙂

    1. PickFour Says:

      Oh yeah! Glad your share the same likes as us! Did you check out any of the songs?

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