“Free Energy” is a song that mimics it’s name in every facet possible. The first few lines of the song demonstrate this beautifully: “We’re breakin’ out this time. Makin’ out with the wind. And I’m so disconnected. I’m never gonna check back in.” Adorned with cowbell, this song conveys a carefree attitude, sure to make the youth in us all come out.

Throughout this song, instruments are stacked upon one another until the chorus finally hits you with a bang. It’s so catchy, you can’t help but get this song stuck in your head, whether you like it or not. For some reason, this song is even more satisfying while driving in the car.

So, put the windows down, put your hands in the air and just let go. After all, ” We are young and still alive.”



P.S.  Check out the music video:



delta spiritA rock song with a heart of it’s own!  There’s something sinister lurking in the background of this catchy song.  A dark and soulful undertone.   All the same it gets you on your feet with lead singer Matt Vasquez’s impassioned shouts of “If ya feelin’ what I’m feelin’ c’mon! All you soul-searchin’ people c’mon!” 

The saloon-style piano creates and old-timey effect but the song keeps its modern edginess with the guitar.  I simultaneously think of gangsters from the 50’s and old-time westerns whenever I hear this song. 

I think it’s clear from my previous blog posts that I’m a sucker for big finales and Delta Spirit does not disappoint.  The song ends with a discharge of electric awesomeness that flares out of the guitars and which is guaranteed to unleash your inner bad-ass.

I’d really recommend watching the music video.  It’s very artistic, extremely entertaining, and goes with the song:


 And here’s the link to their myspace:




white rabbits White Rabbits, a six piece act residing in New York, breaks the conventional mold that forms most every band.

White Rabbits has 2 drummers. This is not unheard of in the music industry, yet is not common. This fact carries a lot of weight in White Rabbit’s song titled “Percussion Drum.” From the first few seconds of listening to this song, one can notice the dominance in percussion.

Layer by layer, a compilation of instruments are piled on top one another to create a dynamically sound song. Throughout the song, vocals, guitar, bass and piano come into the mix, making the sound that is White Rabbits.

To get the full effect of the song, watch the music video while listening to it for the first time:

Let me know what you think!




The ruler of great, chillax music, Say Hi (formally known as Say Hi To Your Mom) really shows off it’s stuff with the song Northwestern Girls.  I was originally showed this by MAM and the first time I heard it I loved it.  It’s soft beats and mumbled vocals really exemplify the feeling of coolness.  Unlike many soft songs, it doesn’t get boring or dull to listen to but even picks up with a rise in tempo and emotion near the end that will take you by a storm.  MAM once described it as unworldly which  I think suits it perfectly.  It’s a great song to just be with yourself. 

Check it out!  If you don’t listen to the whole thing I’ll kick you:




clapyourhandsClap Your Hands Say Yeah is an alternative band occasionally under controversy over the lead singer’s unique vocals.  Some people call it whiney but I find it it not only fits but adds to the music and creates a really cool effect.  The more you listen to it the more you realize the brilliance of it.  “Is This Love?” is my personal favorite with edgy guitar riffs and upbeat drums. Every time I hit the chorus I cant help but roll my head along with it as my friends roll their eyes in embarrassment.  The vocals are warped and broken at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’d have to say my favorite part is the finale where they unleash a barrage of musical fireworks.  If you haven’t heard it yet you should definitely check it out: