delta spiritA rock song with a heart of it’s own!  There’s something sinister lurking in the background of this catchy song.  A dark and soulful undertone.   All the same it gets you on your feet with lead singer Matt Vasquez’s impassioned shouts of “If ya feelin’ what I’m feelin’ c’mon! All you soul-searchin’ people c’mon!” 

The saloon-style piano creates and old-timey effect but the song keeps its modern edginess with the guitar.  I simultaneously think of gangsters from the 50’s and old-time westerns whenever I hear this song. 

I think it’s clear from my previous blog posts that I’m a sucker for big finales and Delta Spirit does not disappoint.  The song ends with a discharge of electric awesomeness that flares out of the guitars and which is guaranteed to unleash your inner bad-ass.

I’d really recommend watching the music video.  It’s very artistic, extremely entertaining, and goes with the song:

 And here’s the link to their myspace: