Franz FerdinandThis song is a pure rock/dance supermix. It is a mixture of Franz Ferdinand’s unique sound with an added nightclub-dance component to it that you haven’t heard in their previous songs. I originally heard this song on Gossip Girl and it fit the scene it was showcased in so perfectly, that all I could do was get it. Before you shake your head and disregard this whole post, due to my Gossip Girl reference, hear me out. The intricate and constant bass was what sucked me into this song. It may not be the first thing you hear, but if you listen for it, you can pick it out and enjoy the whole song in a new light.  The other thing that attracted me to this song was Alex Kaprano’s voice. I truly believe he is the only one who could’ve sung it. There is a hint of mystery mixed with candid honesty, which makes up his voice, that you can’t find anywhere else. A great oxymoron if you ask me and just the thing to make you curious enough to listen to it.

Peace Out,