“Free Energy” is a song that mimics it’s name in every facet possible. The first few lines of the song demonstrate this beautifully: “We’re breakin’ out this time. Makin’ out with the wind. And I’m so disconnected. I’m never gonna check back in.” Adorned with cowbell, this song conveys a carefree attitude, sure to make the youth in us all come out.

Throughout this song, instruments are stacked upon one another until the chorus finally hits you with a bang. It’s so catchy, you can’t help but get this song stuck in your head, whether you like it or not. For some reason, this song is even more satisfying while driving in the car.

So, put the windows down, put your hands in the air and just let go. After all,¬†” We are young and still alive.”



P.S.  Check out the music video: