Wolf ParadeIt starts off with a nice steady beat before Spencer Krug’s voice comes in, haunting and otherworldy. The song flows throughout, continuing to entice you within its rhythm. You truly cannot help but be hypnotized by the lyrics.

It’s a song about the dissapointments of, you guessed it, the modern world. As the beginning line is “I’m not in love with the modern world,” the song continues into a sad poem dedicated to the troubles various changes have brought to our world and it ends with Spencer Krug’s crooning, “Modern world I’m not pleased to meet you, you just bring me down”.

When I first heard this song it reminded my of the mysterious city of Atlantis, which was ironically fitting as it was supposed to be an advanced civilization that was lost to the sea. The concept paralles our current poilitcal sorroundings as the song shines spotlight in the direction of the dangerous social and environmental changes that our world is going through. Wolf Parade brings forth a socially relevent concept that resonates the opinions of the unhappy masses that make up this modern world.


Peace out,